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16 Cavendish Avenue, The Birches, ?Hills View

History of 16 Cavendish Avenue

1891: ‘Hills View’

George Cole 41, Cabinet maker & Pawnbroker, born Cambridge

Jessie 37, born Chelsea

Jessie M, 13, born Cambridge

Lucy M, 11, born Cambridge

George Douglas H, 1, born Cambridge

Ellen Huntton, servant, 20, born Cambridge

Florence Minnery, 17, servant & nurse, born Histon

1901: ‘Hills View’

It seems likely that the name of this house in 1901 was ‘Hills View.’

John Lincolne 80, retired grocer, born Suffolk

Susanna C, wife, 53, born Norfolk

Lucilla S, 12, daughter, born Cambridge

Olive E, 11, daughter, born Cambridge

Florence G Colnwall, 19, cook, born Swaffham Prior

Alice J Nicholls,18, housemaid, born Fordham

1911: ‘The Birches’

Robert Mayall 41, College lecturer, born Sheffield

Edith  39, born Sowerby

Geoffrey 5

Kenneth 1

Ellen Peters, servant, 21, cook

Miriam Curtis, servant, 19, housemaid


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